> One thousand and one love stories. Hermès, Dubai.

I think we have a matter’s joyful dance!

One dance dedicated to a life’s love story, love to destiny, to luck and change’s love, and to everyday’s life, which is a whole life in itself. It is dedicated to the fragility of existence, and to the invisible threads that hold it all.

Objects... all are dancing with five senses in a merry  witches' gathering   to the violin’s tune, and what about if the bow’s violin would start to move...

 The all accomplishing wishes’ genie is hidden in some Cheval d'Orient ‘s teapot and everything has come to life following his trail.

The saddle goes riding on one thousand and one swallows...

Beauty nourishes the soul, love are light and pure energy.

Pamen Pereira            

Dubai, Febrero 2014

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