El curso circular de la luz I


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> El curso circular de la luz

(The circular course of the light)

“Montaña iluminada por el Este” (Mountain lit by the East) and “Montaña iluminada por el Oeste”  (Mountain lit by the West) (1988) are the first drawings about the circular course of the light.

The circular course of the light is getting back into the origin, before the big bang, and attending the never ending cycle of a light that doesn’t come from the outside neither from the sun that we reflect but it irradiates from the interior. When it starts up, the alchemy of the live begins; from the dark emerges the light, from the dark process of the chaos the tidy world flourishes.  When the lit and the dark poles start up, they come together and the results are dynamics landscapes where the substance and the form become one the source of the each other.

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