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I remember when we first met twenty-three years ago, when she came to her first retreat. She was a volcano in continuous creative eruption. An internal flame pushed her as if she was mounted on the back of a runaway horse whose reins she couldn’t control. It is significant that one of her works that is in the Luz Serena Monastery is a figure in meditation pose, a figure that is outlined by a flame, a meditating figure on fire. I think that this was what she felt, especially at the beginning when she would sit down to meditate and would come into contact with this internal flame, the flame of creativity. It is true that as the years passed, the practice of meditation has penetrated, impregnated, her own vital process as a person—as a human being, as a mother,and has contributed to her own maturity. I believe that the result of this process is what we see in this great exhibition.
Dokushô Villalba. Extract from the text DIALOGUES FROM THE INSIDE
Video installation, projection in a glass of water. 40 x 40 x 40 cm.
CGAC Collection (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea) Santiago de Compostela.
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