Barcelona. 2017
This indestructible space-time scenario reveals a world made up of diversity: every stone, every plant, every animal and every person are but different forms of a common substance that, stirred by emotion, is susceptible of turning into something else. The tangible and sensitive world is only the residual trace of a long progression of increasingly subtle degrees of matter, the expression of the great chain of being. Bergson said that the ultimate reality is only penetrable by intuition. Every form can be changed into a new form; all we have to do is dissolve the compactness that things appear to possess, as Ovid seemed to easily understand in his Metamorphoses. There can be no significant change or transformation without a catharsis, and in this trance the solid and concrete is supported by the lightweight and the weightless.
Permanent installation for Massimo Dutti in the modernist palace designed by the architect Antoni Rovira i Rabassa in 1898. Paseo de Gracia. Barcelona
Piedras de cemento y resina.
Exhibition curated by Jacobo Valentí
Photography: Josep Plaja Borrell
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