El final del sueño. 2022


Comisario: Víctor Segrelles
Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside wakes up. C G Jung.
Matter is a transitional state between birth (day) and death (night), presence and absence, in an open and dynamic process.
Could existence possibly be but a dream?
Let’s suggest that the three most well-known states of consciousness – wakefulness, dreaming sleep and deep sleep – form a long dream, a fourth state of consciousness that would be represented by the awakening. This would then entail the end of the dream. ‘Deeper than deep sleep, it would be a state more alert than wakefulness, a state of consciousness in which cognitive consciousness plays no part, the activity of the self is arrested and Being shines alone, without knowledge,'[1]enveloped in silence: the only eternal repose.
Pamen Pereira. Abril 2022
El fuego y el reposo. 2022. Cama, vapor seco y luz. 50 x 90 x 190 cm.
El fuego y el reposo. 2022
Pamen Pereira. El final del sueño (Pamen Pereira. The End of the Dream) is the title of the present exhibition at the Dormitory in Centre del Carme. Former dormitory of the Carmelite friars who inhabited the monastery between the thirteenth and the nineteenth centuries, the actual exhibition space becomes a strong inspiration for the artist. Ever since she accepted the challenge of carrying out a specific project for such a suggestive space, she has been studying and compiling information on the history and architecture of the building, on the origin of the Order of the Carmelites, with its reference to the biblical prophet Elijah, the 'prophet of fire', as the motivating figure, and on the reformation of the discalceate, with St Theresa of Jesus and St John of the Cross as principle advocates. Indeed, precisely the rereading of the literary work of these two great figures of Carmelite mysticism in the Spanish Golden Age is in surprising synchronicity 1 with some of the pieces displayed in the show, as they were initially conceived by Pereira and which after their long process of creation (artistic and technical) find their correspondence with the thinking and poetics of St John of the Cross, as we shall now see.
El fuego y el reposo. 2022
El fuego y el reposo. 2022
El fuego y el reposo. 2022
El fuego y el reposo. 2022
¡Oh llama de amor viva,
que tiernamente hieres
de mi alma en el más profundo centro!
Pues ya no eres esquiva,
acaba ya, si quieres;
rompe la tela deste dulce encuentro.

Primera estrofa del poema Llama de amor viva, de san Juan de la Cruz.
Por aquí no hay camino. 2022. Pasamanos de madera, pan de oro, cables de acero. Instalación aérea (dimensiones variables).
Por aquí no hay camino. 2022
“Trata de como podrá una alma disponerse para llegar en breve a la divina unión. Da avisos y doctrina así a los principiantes como a los aprovechados, muy provechosa, para que sepan desembarazarse de todo lo temporal, y no embarazarse con lo espiritual, y quedar en la suma desnudez y libertad de espíritu, cual se requiere para la divina unión, compuesta por el padre fray Juan de la Cruz, carmelita descalzo.”
Por aquí no hay camino. 2022
Por aquí no hay camino. 2022
La sospecha del fuego. 2021. Zapatos, vapor seco, luz, caja fuerte 140 x 49 x 33 cm
La sospecha del fuego. 2021
La sospecha del fuego. 2021
La sospecha del fuego. 2021
Nada, nada, nada. 2022. Vitrina de madera y cristal con objetos diversos 190 x 103 x 56 cm
Nada, nada, nada. 2022 – Estante 1
Nada, nada, nada. 2022 – Estante 2
Nada, nada, nada. 2022 – Estante 3
Nada, nada, nada. 2022 – Estante 4
Génesis. Vanitas. 2016. Huesos, plomo, metacrilato, hierro y mesa. Objeto: 50 x 40 x 30 cm.
Gran unificación. 2022. Silla y piedra. 90 x 40 x 40.
Life, I’m your Lover. 2019. Cama, golondrinas de resina, nylon. Instalación aérea, 130 x 80 x 190 cm.
Life, I’m your Lover. 2019
Life, I’m your Lover. 2019
Gödel, Escher y Bach. Un Eterno y Grácil Bucle. 2021. Libro, cuernos de cabra, lupa. 10 x 34 x 24 cm.
Sin título. 2022
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