Palau de Casavells, Casavells Girona. 2016
There’s a little playfulness and a lot of seriousness in making everything inside a house fly. In this work, items of furniture and everyday objects float in a space-time warp in which past, present and future merge into one, everything appears to be frozen in the timeless vision of an instant in which we reflect on the impermanence of our phenomenalism, on the fragility that supports each moment of our lives. The spirit is released from the heavy concretion of matter and the awareness of how fine the threads that hold everything together actually are.
Pamen pereira
Installation at the Palau de Casavells, Casavells (Girona). Furniture and various objects, swallows made of resin, wax, bronze and aluminum. 2016
Photography: Josep Plaja Borrell
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