León 2016
When we pay sufficient attention, the force of the present raises us over and above our own contingency and any element, however commonplace it may be, can be ‘metamorphosed’ into a poetic or ritual object. In this sense, I like to say that my work is like that of a shaman who provides spiritual or poetic nourishment, or an alchemist who plays with vital arcana. The truth is that life is my workplace and I’m very much aware of how a slight gesture can bring matter to life and of how an emotion can even alter a genetic code. Rising and dancing with this transformative energy to revitalize matter and create something new that will transcend who I am and original matter.
Pamen Pereira
Exhibition curated by Kristine Guzmán
Photography: Pepe Caparrós
The Second Wind I. 2016

Embedded twigs
Roots from the sky
The air is fertilized soil
A whisper of wings
nothing sustains everything
And he who dreams
Has his feet
On the ground
that burns.
Karlotti Valle

The Second Wind I. 2016
The Second Wind I. 2016
Génesis. 2016
Bones, lead, methacrylate and iron
The woman of stone gets up and dance. 2016. Photo courtesy Musac
Turner. 2015
No title. 2002 Slipper, gold leaf and wax
Trinta Gallery Collection
Work cabinet. 1998
Work cabinet. 1998
Wood and grease table
CGAC Collection (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea)
Work cabinet (detalle)
The white horse penetrates the flower of the reed. 2012
Palm blossom, deer antler and gold panel

Aren’t there any horses in this meadow?The only sound we hear is
the growth of the mountains.
And in the evening cupboards
a heart beats unremittingly.
These are the same mountains
multiplying twofold.
in oblivion.
In this drawer, however,
opened by your imagination,
someone keeps
God’s mirror.

The high priest. 2010
Cypress roots on gold leaf panel
Particular collection
Isometric view of the Antarctic continent from the Ross Sea. 2006
Smoke on velvet. Afundación Collection.
Isometric view of the Antarctic continent from the Weddel Sea. 2006
Smoke on velvet. UPV Collection (Polytechnic University of Valencia)

Equanimity. 2015
Wax, candle and hat levitating in a magnetic field.
Work jacket. 2001
Wool, wax and wood jacket.
Galería Trinta Collection

Stone bed. 2001. Granite.  Fundación Caja Mediterráneo Collection
Stone zafu. 2001. Granite. Fundación Caja Mediterráneo Collection

A woman
feminine singular,
the secret of the stones,
their lightness
their tears.
On the seventh day,
giving birth to planets,
and not a single horse
for now.
Yet the Old Sailor
doesn’t founder
in your locks
His ship has wings
and the bird of snow
is grateful for its misfortune.

is the ball of clarity.
It keeps us awake,
And the charm of the void
Disperses our tools.

And there is light
in the place
where our hands abandon them.
And they pray for us.
I draw words
and the world flies
towards leafy eaves
where names nest
Meanwhile, my heart bites
the branch that came
from your grove.

The wind collects
Bushes, antlers, and dead horns.
Intense voices
in the poem
shaped by your hands.
Karlotti Valle

The search, I stage of The Taming of the Ox. 2016. Cow horns, tin assembly
Gnosis. 2016. Bread bones

The bones of their flight,
an endless spiral,
and my soul almost feeds
in your hand.
Your steps disintegrate light,
there you have it …
The return
is the shadow of the birds,
that precedes you.
Their breastbones in the sun
innominate aerial skeletons.
Karlotti valle

Thinking cabin. 2015. Roots, plaster and gold leaf
Ramón Pereira, the sun is a star. 2003. Jacket, gold leaf and showcase
The whole world is medicine. 2010. Particular collection
Primal voice. 2015. RealFlow video animation on blown glass
Primal voice. 2015.
The woman of water continues to sing. 2015. Lead and shoes
The woman of water continues to sing. 2015. Lead and shoes

Neither does the sea sleep. 2015.
Video animation RealFlow, fish tank, water, table.
CGAC Collection (Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea)

La inmensidad y la fuerza del mar,
metáfora o trasunto de las emociones,
traída a lo doméstico.
La mente subconsciente
no duerme jamás,
tampoco el mar duerme.
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