Melancolía. 1991 Mixta collage sobre papel. 46 x 61 cm. Colección Carlos Lara Coira, Menorca.


“To get out of my ruins, Klee said, I had to fly.” To enter them, to recognize them and caress their broken profiles, their painful shortcomings, to sink and recite the echoes of their nostalgia, Pamen Pereira proposes a painting that, unlike Klee’s, no longer flies with joyful lyricism, a painting that just wants to be paint. From the torn and subtle intimacy of small formats, there is a denial of the very essence of painting and an appropriation of its appearance to mark the cardinal points of the disoriented search, of the perplexed solitude of an internal journey that wants to face and confront the natural world, with its paradigm and also with its convention.
Beyond that old foolish and Darwinian optimism that in art advocated continuous and accelerated progress in this otherwise undisciplined and vehement century; Once the naive and redeeming mirage has been broken, Pamen Pereira seems to realize that how our own inner sense is vulnerable, that one is always prone to the perplexed search for what is in us of painful ruin and only sometimes is one a painter, sculptor, writer…
Pablo Jiménez
Lápiz y rio
El rio y el sol
Yo soy verde. 1988 – 1989. T. mixta s / papel. 65 x 50 cm.
Yo soy el error 1988 – 1989. Objeto (pitones, planta, vino) 24 x 25 x 15 cm.
Primera materia 1988 – 1989. Aceite y collage s / papel. 70 x 101,5 cm.
Fertilidad abismo norte 1988 – 1989.
T. mixta y collage s / papel. 100 x 70 cm.
El bosque sagrado. 1990
Teosofía. 1990
El alboyo. 1990
Via Negationis. 1990 Mixta sobre papel. 56 x 81. Colección particular. Schaffhausen (Suiza).
Puente para rio circular. 1990 Alquitrán y Aceite sobre papel. Colección Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Unión Fenosa, A Coruña.
Krn. hérkules.
Portacoeli. 1991 Colección particular, Madrid.
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