Un solo sabor IV. Instalación aérea Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester Ferrol 2003


La Gallera, Valencia 2001
A thousand chocolate swallows occupy the building lifting everything in their path.
The basic core of the greatest wisdom traditions in the world is based on the experience of Un Solo Sabor, the “cosmic consciousness”, the unity with the foundation of the creation. When the feeling of identity broadens your mind and your body, blurring into one with any instant, embracing the cosmos, One cannot see the sky anymore but is the sky, One doesn’t touch the ground but is the ground, and One doesn’t hear the rain anymore but is the rain. The I and the Universe turned into what the mystics call Only one Taste (Un Solo Sabor).
Pamen Pereira has managed in an exemplary way to materialize a dynamic image of height, a material image of the air. In Only One Taste two unique objects that step on the ground: the bed (dreaming) and the zafus (meditating). Two material counterpoints that, however, impressively delve into the aesthetic, psychological and spiritual dimensions of vertical dynamism. To abound in the whirlwind of ascending swallows, as if surprised by our entry into the room, would lead us to write more pages than recommended in a text like this. I will only add that the bird, the wings and ultimately, the flight, constitute one of the most axiomatic images of liberation, of the freedom of man and the world. If gravity is a force that indelibly marks our existence (in all its senses), it acquires a value that I would not know how to qualify, the fact that these little birds have their center of gravity above the inert winged bodies.
The limits of art, an art of limits
Art, by definition, is always on the edge. Of the established, of the conventional, of the expected, of the politically correct, of the fashions, of the tastes, of the rational, of the objective, of the explainable, of the speakable. These limits, far from constituting clearly established linear barriers, are virtual borders open to a vast area; that nobody’s territory where the most diverse artistic forms are born.
Integration, understood as the relationship of parts to make up the whole, is located at the base of a complex framework in which P. Pereira’s particular obsessions merge. Integration of the different disciplines, of diverse realities, of apparently distant worlds that converge in that singular microcosm that is the creator’s own universe.
Aware of the complexity and diversity of the ever-changing reality, numerous artists – Pamen Pereira in a clear example – have made the abolition of genres, styles, disciplines and languages ​​their normal pattern of action, and the synthesis of the disparate, from the distant and from the opposite his vital non-system of artistic expression. When working in this way, diversity emerges as an inevitable work tool.
Juan Bautista Peiró, Dreaming, meditating, flying, extract from the text for the catalog Only One Taste in La Gallera.
Lecho de piedra. 2001. Granito. 35 x 90 x 200 cm. Colección Fundación Mediterráneo.
Un solo sabor. Instalación la Gallera, Valencia. 2001
Un solo sabor. Instalación la Gallera, Valencia. 2001
Chaqueta de trabajo 2001. Chaqueta de lana, cera y madera. 90 x 115 x 36 cm. Colección Galería Trinta Santiago de Compostela.
Un solo sabor. La Gallera,Valencia 2001.
Life is a secret. 2001. Jersey y chocolate. 130 x 85 x 70 cm. Colección Centro de Arte de Burgos – Caixa Bank
Zafu y golondrinas. 2001. Granito y chocolate
Zafu. 2001. Granito. 20 x 33cm. Colección particular Madrid
Zafu. 2001. Granito. 20 x 33cm. Colección particular Madrid
Un solo sabor. 2001. Mesa de madera, golondrinas de chocolate, unto, flexo, alfombra. 188 x 200 x 120 cm.


Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester, Ferrol. 2002
Ephemeral solidified breeze
Inspiration is a breeze in consciousness. Sometimes a violent wind. It comes, strokes, pushes, stirs and goes. The artist is a wind instrument. His work, sound waves solidified in matter. Pamen Pereira burns in the fire of the creative trance. The result of his immolation is a rising current of hot air in which the swallows of the spirit sway weightlessly. And everything becomes light … Gravity is a dream. The density is diluted. A stone bed does not rest on the ground, but in silence. The same silence that emanates from the meditation cushion. Matter is a feast when it dances in the ascending whirlwind of spirit! This is how the ephemeral, stopped in the present moment, reveals the eternity in which it floats. And once again the artist, pontiff of ancestral rites, officiates the transmutation whereby transmutation becomes eternity and eternity becomes an old sweater suspended in no-time.
Dokushô Villalba Zen Buddhist Master, excerpt from the text Ephemeral solidified breeze for the catalog of Only one taste La Gallera Valencia 2001.
In the Luz Serena temple
September 2002
Un solo sabor IV. Instalación aérea Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester Ferrol 2003
Un solo sabor IV. Instalación aérea Centro Cultural Torrente Ballester Ferrol 2003
Desmoldeado de las golondrinas de chocolate
Retrato Pamen Pereira Foto Vari Carames


Sajazarra, La Rioja. 2003
XIV Art show in Sajazarra (La Rioja). During the month of August 2003 the swallows occupied the town of Sajazarra, the streets, the castle, the school and the portico of the church. The intervention consisted of almost a thousand swallows, a good part of them made with chocolate, which all the spectators ate as a very special agape at the closing of the exhibition, a gape in which as a kind of communion, the work began to to also be part of all the participants in a physical way
XIV Muestra de Arte en Sajazarra. Elaboración de las golondrinas de chocolate.
Repartiendo y probando las golondrinas de chocolate.
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