With the aim of promoting and disseminating knowledge of art, Hermès has maintained a close link with culture since its inception, developing numerous artistic projects with contemporary artists and young talents. In this way, each year, the firm chooses a theme that conveys each of its actions under a common concept. In this context, the carte blanche project was born that Hermès has entrusted to Pamen Pereira and that under the title The gift of time, the motto of the firm for 2012, explores the concept of time and memory in an artistic installation that will occupy the showcase and , for the first time in the world, inside the Hermès store on Paseo de Gracia. It is thus an ephemeral and exclusive intervention for the Barcelona store that can only be seen from September 12 to 29, 2012.

Within the cultural program that Hermès develops worldwide to promote and publicize contemporary art and thus strengthen its close link with the world of culture, the French house presents in its Barcelona store an artistic intervention developed by the Galician artist Pamen Pereira under the theme “The gift of time”, the Hermès motto for 2012. In this carte blanche collaboration, the firm has given total freedom to the artist with the aim of achieving a singular and avant-garde approach to an everyday reality such as a showcase. In this way, the installation signed by the Galician artist reflects on the transience of phenomenal nature and the relationship between instant and eternity.

The carte blanche to Pamen Pereira represents a turning point with respect to previous projects of the Hermès cultural program since it is the first time that the Maison has trusted a Spanish artist. Likewise, it is the first time that the installation leaves the shop window to occupy part of the boutique space, turning its interior into part of the performance and understanding this “invasion of space” as a metaphor for movement and liberation. It is thus an installation of great visual impact in which the space becomes a dreamlike place in which past, present and future merge and disappear in a timeless dimension.


Hermès Dubai – 2014

Yes, I think we have a matter’s joyful dance!

One dance dedicated to a life’s love story, love to destiny, to luck and change’s love, and to everyday’s life, which is a whole life in itself. It is dedicated to the fragility of existence, and to the invisible threads that hold it all.

Objects… all are dancing with five senses in a merry  witches’ gathering   to the violin’s tune, and what about if the bow’s violin would start to move…

The all accomplishing wishes’ genie is hidden in some Cheval d’Orient ‘s teapot and everything has come to life following his trail. The Carpet is flying…

The saddle goes riding on one thousand and one swallows…

Beauty nourishes the soul, love are light and pure energy.

Pamen Pereira
Photos courtesy of Hermes Dubai Mall


Hermès Barcelona – 2014
Photography: Toni Blanco y Hermes Ibérica

Suspended Time, Perfumed Thought

This video-installation was produced by Hermés Paris on occasion of my first collaboration with the company’s Carte Blanche art programme in Barcelona, and coincided with the presentation of their new fragrance L’ambre des maraveilles. The bottle was ideal for this kind of back projection. In this project I reflected on how time remains suspended in a perfume bottle. Of all our senses, that of smell is more closely related to memory. The perfume contained in the bottle is waiting to happen. Things take place inside the bottle: birds fly swiftly and fish swim slowly in the same depths, which could be sky or sea. This apparent duality is a recurring motif in my work.
El pensamiento perfumado, el tiempo suspendido. 2012. Video – instalación en frasco de perfume 40 x 40 x 40 cm. Obra producida por Colaboración con Hermès Ibérica
Bocetos para el don del tiempo, el tiempo suspendido. Intervención Carte Blanche para Hermès Hermés Ibérica; Barcelona 2012.


Hermès Greenwich (Connecticut) – 2013

I have been interested in the imaginary of flight for some time now. Air is an element that has the upper hand when it comes to referring to dynamic imagination.

In Air and Dreams, Gaston Bachelard tells us that the imagination isn’t exactly the ability to create images, but the faculty of deforming the images offered by perception: ‘If a present image does not recall an absent one, if an occasional image does not give rise to a swarm of aberrant images, to an explosion of images, there is no imagination.

Along this continuous journey from the real to the imaginary is where I feel comfortable, so I propose to begin our itinerary on a rising flight in which the poetic image works as a storyline that,  will dematerialise reality or make it ambivalent—a combination of real and imaginary.

Applying this force of the dynamic imagination that Gaston Bachelard spoke of, I propose images of this ‘rising impulse.’ Poetic images in which the movement produced will have the liberating force of flight, taking advantage of the connotations of the vertical impulse of this aerial imagination—the transcendence of the flying being, the highest degree of liberation of forms, and flight as the metamorphosis most desired by human beings in order to reach the purest air and the highest mountain peak.

Dynamic imagination grants them the gift of flying as if it were a part of their own nature, defying the forceful logic of gravity.

Pamen Pereira
Photography: SKOT YOBAUJE
Video The Visible World is just an Excuse. Hermès Greenwich Connecticut. 2013.


Hermès Lee Garden HONGKONG – 2013


Hermès Euro Street HANGZHOU – 2013


Hermès Hanshing TAIWAN – 2012
Boceto para El Tiempo Suspendido. Taiwuan.
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